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Visiting middle schoolers speak up about their crumbling building

Foster David Perry, eighth grader from Mineral Ridge MIddle School.

Jenna Colburn, Senior Writer
February 23, 2012
Filed under News, The Levy

During the annual eighth grade orientation on February 22, new opinions on the middle school and hopes about the levy were revealed during the eighth graders’ tour through the high school.

The eighth graders were more than willing to offer their opinions about the middle school – which is slated to be demolished and rebuilt as an addition to the high school if the bond issue passes in March – and how different life in the high school will be. Aaron Frantz was happy to see that the high school is in one piece and not falling on him, as he claimed the middle school is. Alexis Caroline, who observed that the high school’s ceiling is not falling in, agreed with Frantz.

Eighth grader Foster David Perry was one of the most outspoken of the bunch. Even though he said that school, in the end, is school and will always bums him out, the high school is definitely not the “depressing hole of darkness” that he thinks the middle school is.

Most of the visiting future high schoolers said they were happy to be leaving the middle school. Alex Dripps said she is ready to take the next steps toward growing up. She added that not being burned on hot pipes will also be an improvement that the high school offers over the middle school.

The eighth graders did have some things they would like to add to the high school if the levy passes this March. New computers and bigger TV’s for every classroom are just a few of the items that they would want from the levy. Hopefully the levy passes to not only add new technology to the schools, but protect the middle schoolers from some major safety hazards.

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